Spiral Copper Shell Oil Cooler

Spiral Copper Shell Oil Cooler
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1. The spiral guide plate guides the oil to flow continuously in a spiral shape in the heat exchanger, overcoming the heat exchange dead angle caused by the traditional baffle, with high heat exchange efficiency and small pressure loss.

2. The cooling tube is made of rolled finned copper tube. The product has small volume, light weight and large heat exchange area.

3. There are two processes and four processes in the tube side, and the oil flow in the shell side has a large flow rate (large guide plate) and a small flow rate (small guide plate). 


SL Water Oil Cooler

SL type Water Oil Cooler


1. This SL type water oil cooler is only suitable for fresh water.

2. The maximum operating pressure on the oil side is 1.0Mpa, and the maximum operating pressure on the water side is 0.5Mpa.

3. In the season when the cooling water may freeze, the fresh water in the heat exchanger should be discharged when the system is not working.

4. Clean the inside (water side) of the heat exchange tubes at least every six months to maintain a good cooling effect.

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