Working Conditions Of Oil Cooler Flow Range

The oil-water cooler has a design maximum water temperature of 30°C. There should be no debris and chemical corrosion components harmful to copper and iron in the water. The flow rate is stable and can be constantly controlled under the maximum allowable water pressure value required by the nameplate.

The oil-water cooler and the cooler group can operate normally under the rated water flow rate, and the water flow rate can be adjusted according to the actual oil temperature during operation.

The temperature of the hot oil drawn from the transformer does not exceed 70°C, the oil is dry and clean, and there is no gel or other inclusions that cause the oil circuit to block.

The oil-water cooler should be cleaned and repaired regularly, and the pump should be clean and the motor should be well insulated.

The operation mode of the cooler group should be arranged in a single arrangement, and spare coolers should be guaranteed. Except for emergency situations, spare coolers should not be used to ensure the reliability of power supply.

When the transformer is lightly or no-load, it is best to maintain the normal operation of the cooler, but you can reduce the water supply or stop the water supply to maintain the internal oil circulation of the transformer and reduce the temperature difference.