The Technical Requirements Of Soda Heat Exchanger Unit

1, Specification: a source of saturated steam, working pressure 1.0MPa, temperature 280 ℃; secondary water temperature requires 75 ℃ / 50 ℃, bathing all the way, all the way to shop for heating.

2, the technical requirements:

(1) heating unit comprising: a highly efficient vertical shell and tube heat exchanger (heat transfer 500KW), waste heat recovery (heat transfer 500KW), temperature control valve, shut-off valve, safety valve, exhaust valves, heat exchangers blowdown valve, pump outlet check valve, circulating pump Taiwan, Model: TD65-34 / 2 7.5KW (one with a prepared), two sets of water supply pump, Model: CDL2-5 0.55KW (one with a prepared), softened water tank, connected to the internal circuit, automatic control unit cabinet and related instruments, such as in situ control. (Specific unit attached flowchart)