Technology Research Around The Tube Heat Exchanger

Wound tube heat exchanger is to use a process simulation technology research tools and computer simulation contrast, the establishment of logistics flow and heat transfer through tests and computer models, to lay the foundation for the design of the equipment, and industrial applications through test verification and correction established model to calculate more technology improvement and optimization. Here we look at the specific craftsmen how its research:

1, around the tube heat exchanger utilizing RECTISOL multicomponent material property data collection and calculation, to establish physical database, calculation methods to solve the physical database.

2, research and experimental heat transfer and pressure drop characteristics of the logistics, to provide design basis.

3, heat transfer calculations to determine the different structures, set parameters on heat transfer.

4, to provide basic data and transfer calculation formula to determine the heat transfer system and heat transfer area.

5, resistance calculation, to determine the flow resistance and pressure loss.

6, structural data calculations to determine the characteristic data about the bundle.