Refrigeration Units According To Different Industries Pay Attention To Selection

Electrical automatic control system: electrical automatic control system comprises a power supply section and the automatic control section. Power partly through contacts, for compressors, fans, pumps and other power supply. Automatic control section includes a mutual combination thermostat, pressure protection, time delay relays, overload protection according to the water temperature reached the automatic start and stop, protection and other functions. Industrial chillers cooling features and application of industrial chillers cooling characteristics of modern industrial technology rapid development today, in order to improve production efficiency, improve product quality, reduce production costs, so the production process temperature control temperature control increasingly demanding .

Generally, water-cooled (ie, natural water and cooling towers two ways) mode can not achieve high-precision, high efficiency temperature control purposes, because the natural water and cooling towers are inevitably affected by natural air temperature, water temperature at the end of winter in summer water temperature is high . If the temperature in the case of 30 ℃, the water temperature reached to 10 ℃, which is almost impossible, so in this way control is very unstable.