Mixed Heat Exchanger

Mixed type heat exchange is to rely on cold and hot heat transfer fluid in direct contact, which avoids the heat transfer and heat transfer on both sides of the partition wall fouling resistance, as long as the fluid exposure among the good, there is a greater the heat transfer rate. Therefore, any occasion allowing fluid mixed with each other, can be mixed heat exchanger, such as washing and cooling gas, circulating cooling water, steam - heated water mixing between steam condensation and so on.

Its application throughout the chemical industry and metallurgical enterprises, power engineering, air conditioning engineering, and many other manufacturing sectors. According to different uses can be divided into the following hybrid heat exchangers of different types (1) cooling tower (or cooling towers) in such a device, with natural or mechanical ventilation method, the production has increased after the temperature of cooling water for cooling recycled to improve the economic efficiency of the system. Such as thermal power plants or nuclear power plant circulating water, ammonia production such as cooling water, cooling tower water after recycling, this method in actual project has been widely used.