Low Temperature Chiller Application Of Science Knowledge

In recent years, with the rapid development of economy, science and technology strength of continuous improvement, we chiller manufacturing technology is also changing, with developed countries the gap is gradually narrowing, but the main core components, such as compressors and other foreign goods or the use of a compressor joint venture majority, which inadvertently increases the cost of doing business.

It is understood that a relatively low temperature industrial chiller compressor compression ratio greater demand, thus the majority of the field of cryogenic system used on more complex the complex relative stand-alone compressors or two-stage compression-type compression overlapping; steady low temperature chillers, reliable, easy to damage, lower noise. Since the compressor lubricant is carried by the low pressure oil supply, built-in compressor oil has a high oil efficiency.

Applied Social today, refrigeration equipment more widely, modern refrigeration apparatus is applied to cool the chiller, chiller market prospects can be expected. Chiller developed technologically advanced countries are still in some western countries. Their research trends are also combined with their actual, substantial improvements in chiller of the body, and improve the performance of the chiller, chiller to achieve smaller size, increased performance results.