Inspection Before Installation Of Oil Cooler Flow Range

The installation sheet of the oil-water cooler shall check whether the components and accessories are complete, and conduct visual inspection for looseness and damage.

Check whether the oil and water pipelines and valves are intact, and whether the handle rotates flexibly.

With the cooler in an upright position, first open the bleed plug on the upper part of the oil chamber, and then inject qualified transformer oil from the inlet of the oil circuit. After standing for 2 hours, take an oil sample from the lower oil plug for test resistance If the withstand pressure value is lower than the injection, use an oil filter to filter and clean until the withstand pressure value is not lower than the injection.

When a single cooler or group of coolers is filled with oil, the oil inlet and outlet valves must not be closed at the same time to prevent the oil chamber pressure from increasing due to temperature changes.

After the oil chamber of the oil-water cooler is filled with transformer oil, pass water through the water inlet of the water chamber, and seal the outlet and add water pressure to 0.40Mpa. After 12 hours of static pressure, test the pressure resistance of the oil, if there is a decrease or water test When an oil star is found, it means there are leaks inside, which should be disassembled for inspection, and all pipes and their components should be checked for leaks.