Important Chemical Analysis Apparatus Prospect Heat Exchanger

Heat exchangers are generally made of metal materials, including carbon steel and low alloy steels are mostly used in the manufacture of low-pressure heat exchanger; in addition to stainless steel is mainly used for different corrosion conditions, but also as resistant austenitic stainless steel high and low temperature materials; copper, aluminum and its alloys are used for manufacturing low temperature heat exchanger; nickel alloy is used in high temperature conditions; in addition to the production of non-metallic materials outer gasket parts, and some have begun for the production of non-metallic materials resistant corrosion heat exchanger, heat exchanger, such as graphite, fluorine plastic heat exchangers and heat exchangers and other glass.

Heat is one of the chemical, petroleum, energy and other industrial applications in a wide range of unit equipment. According to statistics, 30% of the total investment in equipment investment accounts for the heat exchanger in the modern chemical industry, accounting for about 40% of all process equipment in the refinery, desalination process unit is almost entirely composed of the heat exchanger . Foreign exchanger market survey shows that although the competitiveness of various plate heat exchanger on the rise, but the shell and tube heat exchanger still dominates about 64%