Heat Exchanger Cleaning Process

1. The device isolation system and the heat exchanger inside the water drained.

2. When using high-pressure water cleaning pipes memory left silt, algae and other impurities, closed system.

3. In between isolation valves and switches mounted on the valve (not less than 1 inch = 2.54 cm), and return water outlet should be installed.

4. Connect the pump and connecting pipe, the cleaning agent from the heat exchanger into the bottom of the pump, the outflow from the top.

5. Start pumped to the condenser where needed blessing World Tektronix cleaning agent (ratio can be adjusted depending on the circumstances).

6. Repeated cleaning cycle to the recommended cleaning time. With the dissolution of the cycle of progress and sediments, the gas generated during the reaction will be increased at any time through the discharge valve should the excess air out. With the exhaust air, the space inside the heat exchanger will increase, can be added to the appropriate water, do not start injecting large amounts of water may cause water overflow.

7. cycle to regularly check the effectiveness of the cleaning agent, PH test paper can be used. If the solution is maintained at 2-3 PH value, then the cleaning agent is still valid. If the cleaning agent PH value reaches 5-6, the need to add the appropriate amount Fu Shi Tektronix cleaning agent. PH value of the final solution is kept for 30 minutes without appreciable change in 2-3, demonstrate the cleaning effect is reached. Note: Fu Shi Tektronix cleaning agent can be recovered after repeated use, emissions will cause waste.