Construction Machinery Oil Cooler

The oil cooler is an indispensable cooling equipment in construction machinery. The choice of oil cooler for construction machinery can directly affect the cooling effect of the main engine cooling system, noise, fuel economy, and engine power consumption. Therefore, when we are matching the main engine, engine and main engine cooling system of construction machinery, it is a very important task to select the radiator correctly and reasonably.

A good quality construction machinery oil cooler should have the following functions. The first is the need for high temperature and low temperature resistance. Construction machinery is a machine that integrates heat and heat dissipation. Overheating or overcooling will lead to the reliability of the machinery, and environmental protection and work efficiency will have a bad impact. Theory and time indicate that when the heat and heat of construction machinery reach a certain balance, the machinery can be operated in a highly efficient, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly operating state. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure that the mechanical radiator is particularly important for the performance of air cooling and air heating. When working, each component has its own normal range. In addition, the radiator should have the function of energy saving and noise reduction. With the rapid development of engines, the emissions of diesel engines are getting higher and higher. The amount of heat dissipation is also increasing. Therefore, it is necessary for us to improve the requirements for engine thermal efficiency and thermal management. We also need low power consumption and large air volume for the radiator. As the basic equipment of construction, construction machinery is also facing a series of new challenges. The importance of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection is gradually emerging, and the country's requirements for energy saving and emission reduction are becoming stricter.

Most of the construction machinery is working in high-load, poor-environment work places, so it is necessary to use construction machinery radiators to control the heat and cold balance of the machinery and the environmental performance of the machinery.