Constitute A System Of Analysis Of The Air Conditioner Condenser

Condenser - a class of heat transfer equipment for the cooling fluid. Usually water or air as a coolant to remove heat. There partitions cooler, spray coolers, jacketed cooler and snake tube cooler and so on. Example: pure water for high-power rectifier and induction furnace and intermediate frequency furnace and other large electrical equipment for protection pay machine as the cooling, water and wind, water, oil and air cooling devices such as heat transfer equipment Limited Sufeng Lei Jiang is this senior domestic products manufacturer.

Cooler with partition type, hybrid, regenerative switch as the main object, the cooler works, heat transfer calculations, structural calculations, flow resistance calculation and design procedures, there were more in the heat exchanger a book illustration and detailed examples.

Refrigerator condenser: divided into single-cooled cooling and heating two, no matter what kind of type of composition, are a combination of the following major components made of.