What Are The Common Problems Of Hydraulic Oil Air Coolers?

Hydraulic Air Oil Cooler

 1. Core burst: The core burst of the hydraulic oil-air cooler is mainly due to the excessive return pressure of the hydraulic system and the low pressure resistance of the cooler. 

   The reasons for this are:

 1,Improper model selection. When selecting models, users try their best to propose accurate parameters to the seller for parameter calculation. If the parameters are inaccurate or incomplete, they will affect the seller's judgment and cause improper model selection. 

 2, The quality of the hydraulic oil air cooler is not good enough, or the pressure resistance written in the manual does not match the actual situation.


 2. Burner fan: If the quality of the fan is not good, it will burn out easily after long-term operation. This happens from time to time.


   3. The cooling effect of the hydraulic oil air cooler is reduced: In many cases, it is because the user does not pay attention to keeping the cooler clean. Because there are more or less dust or other floating objects in the environment where the cooler is used, dirt will form on the surface of the cooler over time, which greatly affects the cooling efficiency. Therefore, clean regularly to prevent the accumulation of dirt, especially in the dusty environment, and more diligent cleaning.