Chiller Cooling Principle In The Electroplating Industry

Water-cooled directly frozen in the electroplating (oxidation) industry cooling principle: cooling tower bottom basin of water through the pump delivery to the chiller condenser to cool the condenser, and then flows back to the cooling tower spray down through the cooling overhead on the cooling fan on the water flow back into the cooling tower bottom basin after, so the cycle of operation. condenser cooling at the same time inside the refrigerant liquefied, and then flow into the evaporator evaporation, and evaporation to absorb heat, thus it evaporator in sulfuric acid (bath) were cooling, cooling after the sulfuric acid through the pump delivery to the plating (oxidation) tank, so a cyclic process.

From the foregoing, frozen directly and indirectly frozen chiller is the same effect, but obviously direct refrigeration chillers indirect refrigeration chiller is no security, and the former equipment perishable, in terms of shorter life expectancy compared. Direct refrigeration equipment prices a slight advantage, but both compared to the length of life to calculate indirect refrigeration chiller longer directly frozen chiller at times, may thus calculate the value of indirect refrigeration chiller lies.