Wound tube heat exchanger

Wound tube heat exchanger with respect to the conventional shell and tube heat exchanger has unparalleled advantages, wide temperature range, adapt to thermal shock, thermal stress itself eliminate, compact high due to its special structure, so that the full flow field development, there is no flow dead zone, especially in particular, by providing multi-strand tube (shell single strand), at the same time to meet the multi-strand heat transfer fluid in a single device.

Wound tube heat exchanger is in the space between the core tube and the outer tube of the heat transfer tube according to a spiral shape alternately wound from the adjacent two opposite helical direction of the helical heat transfer tubes, and the use of certain shapes spacers so as to keep a certain distance. You can also use a single wound, may also be employed together after two or more welding wound. The inner tube through one of said single channel around the tube type heat exchanger, may be separately by several different media, and the heat transfer tube through each medium are collected in the respective tube plate, the multi-channel model wound tube heat exchanger, heat exchanger tube around applies to handle a variety of media, in a small temperature difference between the heat and the need to pass a larger inner dielectric tube higher operating pressure of the occasion, such as oxygen and other low-temperature change during use thermal equipment.