Working Principle of Hydraulic Oil Cooler

The working principle of hydraulic oil cooler is a kind of oil cooling equipment widely used in hydraulic system and lubrication system. 

The use of hydraulic oil cooler can achieve heat exchange between two fluid media with a certain temperature difference, so as to reduce the oil temperature and ensure the normal operation of the system is mainly on the circuit of the hydraulic system. While working, the high-temperature oil in the hydraulic system flows through the cooler equipment, and performs efficient heat exchange with the forced flow of cold air in the heat exchanger, so that the oil temperature overcomes the working temperature to ensure that the main engine can continue to operate normally, so that the work can be carried out smoothly .


There are two main types of hydraulic oil coolers.

  1. A water-cooled oil cooler uses water as a cooling medium to cool hydraulic oil. 

  2. The air-cooled oil cooler uses wind as the cooling medium to cool the hydraulic oil. Specifically, it is necessary to analyze whether there is a cooling water source according to the user's equipment and application, and consider the use of some oil coolers.