Why does the air oil cooler leakage?

The main factors that cause air oil cooler leakage are as follows:

1. Unreasonable flow selection


Flow Calculation:

Working Flow of Oil Cooler = pump flow × effective area ratio of hydraulic cylinder × oil flow coefficient × safety factor where:

Effective area ratio of hydraulic cylinder = pressure area of rodless cavity ÷ pressure area of rod cavity (> 1)

The flow coefficient K of hydraulic oil of different viscosity is: K32#=1, K46#=1.3, K68#=1.9

Safety factor: 1.5~2.0, often choose 1.8 

2. No effective bypass circuit is installed

   When using the oil return cooling installation method, an effective bypass circuit must be installed. The working pressure of the one-way valve is less than 0.5Mpa, and the one-way valve can be released first. The piping diameter should match the size of the oil inlet and outlet. It cannot be changed or reduced. Use high-pressure hoses and direct heads to reduce oil return resistance as much as possible.

3. Failure or abnormality of electrical control components

  The flow rate of the return oil in the oil circuit suddenly increases, and the flow velocity is greater than 0.5m/s, causing the radiator to burst.

4. Install a filter at the outlet of the air cooler

   It is not recommended to install a filter at the oil outlet of the air cooler. If the filter is not checked and cleaned for a long time, it will cause excessive back pressure or blockage of the oil return.

5. The viscosity of the oil increases when starting at low temperature

   This situation is prone to occur in winter, because the viscosity of the oil increases and the oil return is not smooth, resulting in the oil passage pressure greater than 3.5Mpa, which is easy to burst.