What is an air oil cooler?

Air Cooler is also called Air/Oil Heat Exchanger. 

Air Oil Cooler

The radiator is characterized by a plate-fin aluminum alloy composite material structure. 

The oil channel and the air channel of the core are formed by vacuum brazing, and then pass through the argon arc welding integrated with the collecting pipe and connecting parts. 

The air oil coolers are classified according to the design pressure and are usually divided into three categories: low, medium, and high pressure. Low pressure design pressure is ≤1.0Mpa, not resistant to vibration and impact, such as AF series oil cooler, which is the most widely used in hydraulic stations of small CNC machine tools; medium pressure design pressure is ≤1.5Mpa; high pressure design pressure is ≤2.0Mpa, the most widely used in China,the highest design for individual industries is 2.5-3.0Mpa, but most foreign counterparts have a design pressure of ≤1.6Mpa.

The installation and use of air cooler and water cooler are different. It is not recommended to install in loop cooling circuit. The best solution is to use independent circulation cooling. If it is installed in the loop cooling circuit, even if the design pressure reaches 7.5Mpa, there will be a risk of high-pressure pulse bursting. Therefore, the oil circuit designer needs to evaluate the use conditions by himself and use the oil return cooling method with caution.