What are the precautions when using a hydraulic oil cooler?

hydraulic oil cooler with thermostat

The hydraulic oil cooler is a must-have device for many instruments. With the hydraulic oil cooler, the machine can be used better. There are many precautions when using the hydraulic oil cooler. If the operation is improper, it is easy to cause damage to the machine.


When installing the hydraulic oil cooler first, it must be installed firmly to prevent vibration and external impact during use. The hydraulic oil cooler can basically ensure the intake and outlet of the air, avoiding the inhalation of air that has been heated by other equipment, so that the engine cannot be cooled first. Before using the cooler, the pressure limiting circuit must be pretended to avoid high pressure generation and prevent the inevitable damage caused by the pulse force generated when starting the machine. During the installation of the cooler, care must be taken not to damage the heat sink and damage the cooler, to ensure the seal of the machine and its ability to cool. When the cooler is close to the oil head connection, use the tool holder cooler to avoid hot deformation when the cooler is close to the oil head connection. This is especially important when handling the hydraulic oil cooler. The last thing to remind everyone is to do at least one cleaning every week.


Strictly follow the above precautions to properly maintain the machine, will increase the life of the hydraulic oil cooler to a greater extent. The longer the life of a hydraulic oil machine, the better the maintenance, the better the heat dissipation of the machine.