Water Cooled Oil Cooler Working Principle

The water-cooled oil cooler is suitable for injection molding machines, hydraulic presses, air compressors, hydraulic stations, machine tools and other mechanical equipment. It consists of a water cover, a tube sheet, a heat transfer tube, a sealing gasket and a tripod. The space surrounded by the outer surface of the heat transfer tube and the tube and the like is called the shell side; the space inside the heat transfer tube and the tube communicating therewith is called the tube path.

Water cooled oil cooler

When the water-cooled oil cooler is used, the heat medium is imported from the nozzle on the cylinder, and sequentially flows through the baffle passages to the outlet of the nozzle. The cold medium enters the half cooler tube through the water inlet cover through the water inlet cover, and then flows from the return water cover into the other half cooler to the other side water separation cover and the outlet water pipe. During the double-tube flow of the cold medium, the residual heat released by the absorbing heat medium is discharged from the water outlet, so that the working medium maintains the rated working temperature.