Technical parameters of plate heat exchangers and related knowledge

1, the number of plate heat exchanger according to the characteristics of small blast furnace, the furnace cooling system using soft water plate heat exchanger number is preferably three parallel, each flow 5O% of maximum flow, prepare a normal operation open two.

2, according to the flow velocity of water at a reasonable cooling wall and the inner wall of the late key consideration blast resistant layer thinning, a sharp increase in heat transfer of the case, according to the late maximum heat transfer to determine the flow of demineralized water.

3, demineralized water and out of the heat exchanger according to the experience of the existing blast furnace temperature soft water supply, supply of soft water temperature is between 3 5 ~ 40 ℃, the blast furnace of high-yield, safe produce the most advantageous, taking into account the summer cooling water and cooling towers cooling capacity, demineralized water into the blast furnace temperature during the summer the most adverse conditions should be less than 40 ℃, softening temperature of the blast furnace should be less than 4 5 ℃, namely demineralized water into the heat exchanger temperature is preferably 4 5 ℃, the temperature of the heat exchanger preferably of 40 ℃.

4, soft water heat exchanger-side pressure loss due to the water softener system except closed for air coolers, heat exchangers incorporated board weapons, the other part of the same, therefore, water softener plate heat exchanger-side pressure loss must be less than the original air cooler water softener side pressure loss. Air Cooler original soft-side pressure loss is less than 0.05MPa, so the soft side of the plate heat exchanger pressure loss must be less than '0.05M Pa.