Spiral Wrapping role in the Chinese heat exchanger industry

Pipe spiral heat exchanger, the heat exchanger is a new generation product was representative works. When the Chinese machinery industry went brilliant stage of development, the spiral winding heat exchanger success in the Chinese industry role-playing, and further achievements of the domestic machinery industry growth. Here we take a look ba:

1, spiral winding heat exchanger is mainly applied to the vapor-liquid heat conditions, based on CFD computational fluid dynamics technology, FEM differential FEM, OWEN turbulence buffeting frequency standards, Eisinger criteria, Bevinsbbb guidelines asymmetric flow design and other technical design.

2, currently up to 14000w / m in soft drinks heat transfer coefficient conditions. ℃.

3, China is in a rapid process of urbanization, Pipe spiral heat exchanger structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading is expected to become the main theme of the next period of time, machinery development.