Selection of Air Oil Cooler Cooling Capacity

1.AF0510, AF1025 design pressure is less than 1.0MPa, only applicable to the oil drain cooling of the variable vane pump.

2. HD, AH series product design pressure is less than 2.0MPa (static pressure), suitable for independent circulation cooling of the system. If the oil return cooling method is used (not recommended), the use condition of the oil return cooling should be evaluated by itself, such as the pulse of the circuit and the failure of the control element on the return flow rate. When the flow rate exceeds 0.5 m/s, the burst will occur. The risk of high pressure, high flow hydraulic systems should not use return oil cooling.

3. Matching of the air cooler: First determine the heat dissipation capacity required by the cooler. See the selection of the cooling capacity in the sample. Then calculate the flow of the air cooler according to the actual working condition of the oil circuit, and select two models whose performance must meet the requirements at the same time according to the "performance parameter table".

Selection for oil cooler 1