How to prevent the hydraulic system oil temperature overheat?

Measures to prevent excessive oil temperature:

From the perspective of use and maintenance, the following issues should be paid attention to to prevent excessive oil temperature.

①Be sure to use hydraulic oil with suitable viscosity. Generally speaking, it is very correct to use hydraulic oil with viscosity recommended by the manufacturer of hydraulic system equipment. Use of high-viscosity oil, especially in areas where the ambient temperature is relatively low, will cause flow friction. Increase in force and overheating.

②If there is a hose in the system, it should be clamped and positioned reliably. Changing a hose too close to the engine will cause the hose to overheat, which will cause the oil passing through it to overheat, so avoid using the length If the size of the hose is not enough, make sure that the installed hose does not have a sudden sharp bend, otherwise it will increase the friction of the oil flow, resulting in the oil temperature rised up.


③When pumps, hydraulic cylinders and other hydraulic components are worn out, they should be replaced in time. Worn components will increase leakage. As a result, the pump will have a full flow output for a long time, and the oil will pass through the narrow leakage gap. A large pressure drop and an increase in the full flow output time also increase the time for fluid friction, and therefore, will increase the temperature of the oil.

④Keep the exterior and interior of the hydraulic system clean. The pollutants outside the system play a role in isolating and hindering the normal oil cooling. The pollutants inside the system will cause wear and tear and cause oil leakage. Both situations will cause heat. The production.

⑤Check the fluid level of the oil tank of the hydraulic system frequently. If the oil level is too low, the system will not have enough oil to take away the heat.

⑥Replace the filter element regularly to avoid clogging of the filter

⑦Excessive oil return back pressure is also one of the reasons for high oil temperature. The reason for the increase of back pressure should be checked and eliminated.

⑧Check the cooler regularly and descale the cooler regularly.