Plate Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger


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Plate Heat Exchanger with Hydraulic Motor

Plate Heat Exchanger utilizes metal plates in transferring heat between 2 fluids. This got major advantage over the traditional heat exchanger wherein fluids are exposed to bigger surface area since fluids are spread over the plates.

This tends to facilitate heat transfer and greatly upsurge speed of temperature change. The Plate Heat Exchangers are common these days and the small-brazed versions are utilized in hot water sections of about millions of those combination boilers.

Plate heat exchanger is one of the most efficient and reliable type of heat exchanger known for its great flexibility, high-thermal transfer, easy maintenance and its low cost. The plate corrugations are commonly designed to obtain turbulence across the entire heat transfer spot or area. This is also produces the best possible heat-transfer coefficients with lowest pressure drop possible enabling close approaches on temperature.

There are different types of plate exchangers available today such as gasketed heat exchangers, brazed plate, welded plate and semi-welded plate heat exchangers. Plate heat exchangers deliver enormous advantages such as easy cleaning and maintenance, high-value overall heat transfer, small temperature, good thermal capacity and more. These heat exchangers need to be properly insulated in order to minimize heat losses.