Physical and chemical cleaning method of cleaning the plate heat exchanger

1, to improve the appearance of the equipment, decontamination equipment and landscaping clear heart plant, buildings, dirt inside and outside surfaces of means of transport, but also to its origins, up to improve its appearance, the purpose of purifying the environment.

2, to maintain normal production, to extend the life of equipment, to remove surface dirt discretionary nature of the material surface material can be maintained to ensure the implementation of subsequent production processes. Regular or irregular production equipment to clean up dirt, can achieve positive discretion to maintain equipment, normal operation, control equipment corrosion and prolong the service life of purpose and operation cycle.

3, increase production capacity, improve product quality and remove surface contamination of raw materials to maintain its small can achieve good post-processing performance, improve product quality burning purposes. Milling equipment cleaned regularly, to maintain its production capacity should reduce dirt contamination of the product.

4, to reduce energy consumption, lower production costs in addition to the above aspects of industrial cleaning can reduce the cost of a wide outside can also reduce raw material and energy consumption, improve production efficiency to reduce production costs.