What is the cause of the overheating temperature of the system?

The heating of the hydraulic system directly affects the work of the whole machine and delays the construction period. So what is the cause of the overheating temperature of the system? 

hydraulic system oil cooler

1. The oil tank volume is too small, the heat dissipation area is not enough, the oil cooling device is not installed, or although there is a cooling device, its capacity is too small.

2. The unloading circuit in the system fails or because the unloading circuit is not set, the oil pump cannot unload when it stops working. The entire flow of the pump overflows under high pressure, resulting in overflow loss and heating, which causes the oil to heat up.

3. The system piping is too thin or too long, bends too much, local pressure loss and pressure loss along the way are large.

4. Insufficient precision of components and poor assembly quality, and large mechanical friction loss between relative motions.

5. The matching clearance of the matching parts is too small, or the clearance is too large after use and wear, and the internal and external leakage is large, resulting in large volume loss. For example, the volumetric efficiency of the hydraulic oil pump is reduced, and the heat generation is fast.

6. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is adjusted to be higher than the actual need. Sometimes it is because the seal is too tight, or the seal is damaged or the leakage increases, and the pressure has to be increased to work.


7. The high temperature of the climate and operating environment causes the oil temperature to rise.

8. The viscosity of the selected oil is improper, the viscosity is large, the viscosity resistance is large, and the viscosity is too small, the leakage will increase, both of which can cause the oil to heat up.

9. The heating and high temperature of the oil in the hydraulic system will cause inflexible operation of the equipment, discontinuous operation, weak work, and reduced working pressure.

All in all, the increase in the temperature of the hydraulic oil is inevitable when the hydraulic system is working, and it is the result of the mutual exchange of mechanical energy, hydraulic energy and thermal energy. Internal leakage is also inevitable, and it is normal to control it within a certain range. Chance Hydraulics recommends that the hydraulic system should be maintained and overhauled daily in order to provide us with better services.