Oil coolers

Water Cooled Oil Cooler

water cooled oil cooler

Tube types: fixed folding plate type, floating head type, double tube type, U-shaped tube type, vertical type, horizontal type, etc.

Characteristics:The cooling water flows through the pipe, the oil flows between the tubes, the middle flap folds the oil, and the two-way or four-way flow mode is used to enhance the cooling effect.

Cooling Capacity:High performance heat dissipation, heat dissipation series up to 350~580W/(m2·°C)

Corrugated plate type: herringbone corrugated, diagonal corrugated, etc.

Characteristics:The contact points formed by superimposing the plate type herringbone or the oblique corrugated structure are used to form a turbulent flow in the case where the flow rate is not high, thereby improving the heat dissipation effect.

Cooling Capacity:Good heat dissipation, heat dissipation coefficient up to 230~815W/(m2·°C)

Air Cooled Oil Cooler

air cooled oil cooler

Air-cooled: indirect, fixed and floating or supported and suspended, etc.

Characteristics:Cooling oil with air, simple structure, small size, light weight, small thermal resistance, large heat exchange area, easy to use and install

Cooling Capacity:High heat dissipation efficiency, oil heat dissipation coefficient can reach 116~175W/(m2·°C)