Offline Air Oil Cooler

Offlice Oil Cooler

The two common cooling methods for air coolers are oil return cooling and independent circulation cooling. Considering the use of safety and protection coolers, we recommend that customers choose independent circulation cooling. What are the benefits of independent circulation cooling?


With independent circulation cooling method, the pressure of the hydraulic oil is relatively low, and the shock of the hydraulic air cooler is also relatively weakened. In this way, the service life of the cooler  can be improved. The disadvantages of using independent circulation cooling method is the high cost.


There are several disavantages for choosing the oil return pipe cooling method. If the bypass protection circuits is installed improperly, it may cause the air cooler to rupture. After the bypass protection circuit installed, the spring of the check valve must be compressed once for each oil return action, and the spring may break and effect poor cooling .The amount of hot oil entering the cooler is intermittent, and the cooling effect is discounted. In case of failure and oil leakage, the production must be interrupted and shutdown for maintenance.

The air cooler adopting independent circulation cooling method does not have the above disadvantages. However, the cost of independent circulation cooling will be higher than that of oil return cooling, and users generally choose oil return cooling. In addition, domestic users use oil return cooling more often, while users in Europe and America use independent circulation cooling. In the long run, it is better to use independent circulation cooling.