Injection molding machine hydraulic oil cooler function and structure

At present, hydraulic system is the main power source of the injection molding machine , and the hydraulic oil is an important promoter of this system. The working temperature of the general hydraulic oil is most suitable from 40 degrees to 60 degrees, and the maximum temperature is not more than 60 and the minimum is not lower than 15 degrees.

In general, the liquid will inevitably lose energy when it is running, and this energy loss is converted into heat energy, which is partly lost by the components on the system and the surface of the pipeline, and most of it is brought back to the fuel tank by hydraulic oil. If the temperature of the hydraulic oil rises, if the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the deterioration of the hydraulic oil will be accelerated, and the performance of the system will be degraded. If the heat dissipation energy of the fuel tank and the generated heat energy can cancel each other, the oil temperature will not rise. Otherwise, a cooler should be installed to suppress the rise of oil temperature.

Type of injection molding machine cooler

Oil coolers can be divided into two categories: water-cooled and air-cooled. At present, most of plastic machines are all used. 

Water-cooled oil cooler: The general water-cooled oil cooler adopts a tubular oil temperature cooler, which is composed of a small tube device in a cylindrical outer casing, and the two ends are closed with a cover, and the partition device is Inside the shell, the oil flows in the tube to enhance the heat conduction to achieve the effect of cooling.

water cooled oil cooler for injection mold machine

Air-cooled oil temperature cooler: The air-cooled oil temperature cooler is composed of a fan and a tube with a heat sink. The oil flows in the cooling pipe, and the fan allows air to pass through the pipe and the heat sink, and the table cools the hydraulic oil. However, its cooling efficiency is not as good as that of a water-cooled oil cooler. However, if it is difficult to obtain cooling water or the water-cooled oil temperature cooler is difficult to install, it must be air-cooled, especially the hydraulic of outdoor dynamic walking machinery. The system uses this system more.

air cooled oil cooler for injection mold machine

In order to ensure the performance and life of the cooler, it is necessary to carry out cleaning and maintenance work. The maintenance method of the water-cooled cooler: the cooling water source should be closed, the water cover at both ends should be removed to check the scale inside the cooling pipe, if necessary, with a soft brush. Clean the inner edge of the cooling tube. Never insert metal objects into the cooling tube to avoid damage to the cooling tube. After cleaning, refill the water cover and refill the cooling water to check whether the water cover has water seepage. If there is water seepage, replace the o-ring or pad sheet.

As for the maintenance method of the air-cooled cooler: use high-pressure air to blow off the dust and dust on the heat sink and the fan, and rinse it with water if necessary. At present, the plastic machine from Taichung Seiki is cleaned and cooled for six months. Once in order to maintain the cooler's cooling efficiency.

In order to meet the needs of customers, the oil-cooling system used in plastic machines is currently used in both water-cooled and air-cooled styles. The customer's needs are reflected in the above description. This is the hydraulic oil cooling system. Type and maintenance introduction.