What will be happened when hydraulic system equipped without an air oil cooler?

When the hydraulic system is not equipped with an air-cooled radiator, the following hazards will occur:

1. The equipment moves slowly and weakly, which reduces the working efficiency and increases the fuel consumption of the engine.

2. The viscosity decreases, the lubricating performance decreases, and the temperature has a great influence on the viscosity of the hydraulic oil. When the temperature rises, the liquid molecule activity is intensified, the cohesive force is converted, the hydraulic oil becomes thinner, the hydraulic oil film becomes thinner and easily damaged, the lubrication performance is deteriorated, the hydraulic component wears more, and the important hydraulic components such as hydraulic pumps, valves, locks, etc. are damaged .

3. The amount of air bleed in the hydraulic system increases, and the performance and performance start to become tiny, so the working accuracy decreases. The spool and valve body of the control valve are expanded by heat, and the clearance between the spools becomes smaller, which affects the movement of the spool, the abrasion increases, and even jams, affecting the operation of the hydraulic system.

4. The oxidation speed of hydraulic oil is accelerated, which leads to the deterioration of hydraulic oil and reduces the viscosity of hydraulic oil.

5. Accelerate the aging of seals, reduce the sealing performance, later leakage, oil seepage everywhere, it is difficult to remove.

air cooled radiator

Hydraulic oil plays the role of energy transmission, anti-wear, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, cooling, etc. in the hydraulic system. The air-cooled radiator is an important cooling device of the hydraulic system to prevent all hazards caused by excessive oil temperature. It is mainly used to cool hydraulic oil and keep the oil temperature at a normal working temperature.