Hydraulic oil radiator selection criteria

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Hydraulic oil radiators are widely used in industry field, but there are many types of hydraulic oil radiators. How to choose hydraulic oil radiators? The following is a small series of hydraulic oil radiators for everyone. Choose the standard.


Objectively speaking, hydraulic oil radiators are strictly forbidden to be used in steam heating systems, and they can be easily oxidized when used in such systems. The next step is to talk about the composite radiator. The outer shell uses the aluminum alloy with the strongest heat resistance, which not only ensures the heat dissipation performance of the hydraulic oil radiator, but also ensures the anti-oxidation and anti-corrosion effect of the aluminum alloy. Good. The composite radiator means that a plurality of ordinary hydraulic radiators can be split down and several important parts can be combined and combined, that is, several different types of radiators are used together, such a radiator is compared. Suitable for use in large machinery. If it is a radiator above the train excavator. Because large cars or machinery itself are relatively large, it is possible that a type of heat sink is not enough, so that a composite heat sink is used, and many heat sinks are combined. This links the advantages of many types of heat sinks, which can help large machines to dissipate heat.


Different types of radiators have many different functions. Before choosing, we must first understand how the radiator works in any way, in order to purchase the most suitable hydraulic oil radiator.