Hydraulic cooler working principle and characteristics

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Hydraulic coolers are primarily used on the circuits of hydraulic systems. During operation, the high-temperature oil in the hydraulic system flows through the hydraulic cooler device, and performs efficient heat exchange with the forced flow of cold air in the heat exchanger, so that the oil temperature is lowered to the working temperature to ensure that the main machine can continuously perform normal operation, so that the work can be performed. Smooth development.

The cooler is the main equipment in the compressed air system. It can cool and cool the high-temperature compressed air generated by the air compressor to remove a large amount of water in the compressed air. The product is air-cooled and water-cooled. The utility model has the advantages of convenient installation, low operation cost, and is suitable for places with insufficient water resources; and the water-cooled type has small volume and high cooling efficiency, and can be used in an environment of high temperature, high humidity and dust.

Hydraulic cooler tube type: fixed folding plate type, floating head type, double tube type, u-shaped tube type, vertical type, horizontal type. It is characterized in that cooling water flows through the tube, oil flows between the tubes, the middle flap makes the oil flow, and the two-way or four-way flow mode is used to enhance the cooling effect.

Corrugated plate type: herringbone corrugated type, oblique corrugated type, etc. It is characterized by the use of plate-shaped herringbone or oblique corrugated structure to superimpose the contact points formed by the arrangement, so that the liquid flow forms a turbulent flow under the condition that the flow rate is not high, and the heat dissipation effect is improved.

Air-cooled: indirect, fixed and floating or supported and suspended, etc. It is characterized by air-cooled oil, simple structure, small size, light weight, small thermal resistance, large area for replacement, use, Easy to install.

Mechanical refrigeration type: box type, cabinet type. It is characterized by the use of the Freon refrigeration principle to absorb and discharge heat from the hydraulic fluid.