How to use hydraulic oil radiator AF0510, AF1025

AF0510 Hydraulic station

How do you use hydraulic oil radiators AF0510 and AF1025 for small hydraulic stations, especially hydraulic stations for CNC machine tools? Is the cooling effect good? How to install? Why are these two products and mouths easily broken? Especially for newcomers to the station, the method at the time of taking over is not correct. If the joint is broken too hard, the quality problem will be suspected.

The surface of the two products is sprayed with black plastic. In fact, the raw material is aluminum alloy. Because the header is brazed by a laminated structure, unlike the tubular aluminum profile, its rigidity and strength are poor, so a plate must be used when taking over. The hand is stuck to the outer corner port and then tightened (it is easy to twist the weld in and out of the port).

Because the design pressure of the above two products is less than 1.0Mpa, it is not resistant to the oil pulse impact, so it is only suitable for the oil drain cooling of the low pressure variable vane pump. One end is connected to the drain port of the pump, and the other end is connected to the oil return tank. The AF0510 and AF1025 hydraulic oil radiators are the most compact in structure and the heat dissipation effect is compared: AF0510 is larger than AW0607 and AF1025 is larger than AH0608. It is ideal for cooling small hydraulic stations or racing lubricants.