How to reasonably match the air cooler of hydraulic station

2. Selection of cooling capacity

   As mentioned above: The normal working range of hydraulic system oil temperature is generally expected to be kept within the range of 30-55℃, the highest is not more than 65℃, and the lowest is not less than 15℃.

Indoors, the ambient temperature is the highest in summer, and may reach 35°C. According to the normal working range of oil temperature, it should be controlled within 55°C. The cooling capacity of the air cooler of the supporting hydraulic station needs to be selected. The following is a quick selection table provided by Heyida based on theoretical calculations and practical application experience. Users can find the matching product model in the table according to the main motor power value of the hydraulic system. This simple selection method is based on "Estimate 30% of the main motor power" as the heat loss of the hydraulic system. For systems with longer pressure holding time or special requirements, it is recommended to choose a larger model. 

Air oil cooler selection table: 

Selection for oil cooler 1

Users who make technical improvements to the equipment cooling system can calculate the "heating power PV" of the system according to the oil temperature rise calculation method, and then combine the temperature difference ΔT to calculate the equivalent cooling power P1 =PV/ΔT, specific case reference:

Air cooler selection-calculation method:

Selection for oil cooler 2