How to properly use the hydraulic oil cooler and its maintenance

hydraulic oil cooler for hydraulic system

Hydraulic oil coolers are widely used in our daily life, but many people are inevitably mishandled during use, and the damage caused to the machine is very large. The machine is used without proper maintenance. So how should the hydraulic oil cooler be operated and cured?


The first thing you have to do before using the machine is to check that the machine is in good condition and check to see if the machine and the entire working system are integrated. Then unscrew the screw plug of the oil outlet and slowly close the inlet valve. When the oil slowly overflows, open the inlet valve and slowly tighten the screw plug. Open the exhaust cylinder and close the inlet valve. After the water is full, the inlet valve and the exhaust cylinder are opened, so that the water and the oil are in a moving state, and after the heat exchange, the temperature between the two becomes gradually smaller. After the water temperature is lowered, the icing water and the removal valve are opened, and then the cooling water is turned on and the valve is opened, so that the oil is kept at a normal temperature. The maintenance work of the cooler is required to be checked regularly. The lubricating oil system is mainly checked. If the degree of wear is too large, it can be replaced with a new one. It is also necessary to clean the cooler regularly, usually in 3-6 months. Regular work on the chiller is performed and the filters on the chiller equipment are checked regularly. Keep the hydraulic oil cooler clean to maintain the machine's cooling capacity.


Understand the operation process of the machine to better play the maximum working capacity of the machine, and maintain your own hydraulic oil cooler to use the hydraulic oil cooler better.