How to install hydraulic oil cooler?

1.0 Installation and maintenance

1.1,The location of the cooler should avoid vibration and shock, the air intake and exhaust are free and smooth, and the installation is firmly.

1.2,To avoid the leakage caused by peak pressure,a by-pass unloading circuit should be installed in oil return circuit.

The opening pressure of the back pressure valve should be less than 0.5Mpa to prevent excessively high pulse pressure from damaging the radiator when the system starts.

1.3,The size of the piping should match with the size of oil inlet and outlet.It cannot be changed and reduced.Use high-pressure hosed and straight heads to reduce oil return resistance as much as possible.

1.4,It is not recommended to install a filter at the outlet.

1.5,Pay attention to keep the outer fins of the cooler clean.Clean them regularly according to the working environment to avoid affecting the cooling capacity.

2.0 Safety

2.1,A heating protection device is required on the power circuit,and the circuit connection must be operated by an experienced electrician.

2.2,Fan protection level is IP44,IP54,please contact us for special requirements.

2.3,The external surface of cooler may reach a high temperature,it must be adequately protected or placed in an inaccessible location.


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