How to choose an efficient air cooler

Air cooler is a kind of air-cooled oil cooler. It is an aluminum alloy plate-fin heat exchanger with air as the cooling source. It is characterized in that the oil passage and the air passage of the heat exchanger core are provided with heat exchange fins. The volume ratio is larger than the heat exchange area, the heat transfer efficiency is high, and the heat is exchanged by using air as a medium. Not all products can meet the needs of work.

Here are some suggestions for everyone: 1. The selected cooler is necessary to meet the process requirements. After the fluid enters the heat exchanger for heat exchange, it is necessary to enter the next process with the required parameters.

2. The application and maintenance of the heat exchanger, which requires the heat exchanger to be easily cleaned. The damaged components such as corrosion and strong vibration should be easily replaced, and the heat exchanger should meet the requirements of the engineering practice site.

3. The cooler should be economical as much as possible. When selecting, consider the heat exchanger manufacturing cost, equipment cost, maintenance cost, etc., and make the heat exchanger as economical as possible.

4. When selecting the air cooler, consider the diameter, length, component and heat exchanger layout of the heat exchanger according to the constraints of the place.

Attentionly when purchasing air coolers to avoid some undesirable conditions.