How to check and repair hydraulic oil cooler?

hydraulic oil cooler for hydraulic cranes

The hydraulic oil cooler is a device for dissipating heat from the hydraulic oil that generates heat during operation. The radiator is welded by a plate-fin structure made of aluminum material. There are a number of regular corrugated fins in the oil flow passage and in the air passage to increase the disturbance and improve the heat dissipation efficiency. Hydraulic oil radiators are widely used in general construction machinery such as excavators and pile drivers.

The upper and lower ends of the hydraulic oil radiator are two terminal boxes cast from aluminum. The part of the two terminal boxes is called the core part, which is mainly responsible for the heat dissipation task. The two terminal boxes are where the hydraulic oil is stored and the oil is diverted. The inlet and outlet of the hydraulic oil are on the upper terminal box. Do not mix moisture in the hydraulic oil to prevent freezing cracks in winter. How do we check and repair when there is a problem with the hydraulic oil radiator?

(1) Check for oil leakage at the joints of the hydraulic oil radiator and the oil pipe. If there is oil leakage, replace the O-ring at the joint.

(2) If the hydraulic oil radiator or tubing is broken, it should be replaced or removed after welding.

(3) Clean the inside of the hydraulic oil radiator with special cleaning equipment, or blow compressed air from the radiator into and out of the oil pipe, remove the old hydraulic oil remaining in the radiator and the oil pipe, and then add a certain amount to the oil pipe (0.5-1L) of hydraulic oil, blown into compressed air for cleaning.