How the hydraulic station works?

hydraulilic oil cooler on hydraulic power unit

We often say that the oil cooler is an important part of the hydraulic station cooling system, so what is the hydraulic station?

The hydraulic station is also the hydraulic power system, which supplies oil according to the requirements of the main engine and controls the flow direction, pressure and flow of the oil. It is suitable for all kinds of hydraulic machines where the main engine and the hydraulic device can be separated. It is only necessary to connect the hydraulic station with the actuator on the main engine, and the hydraulic machine can perform various prescribed actions.

The working principle is as follows: the motor drives the oil pump to rotate, the pump sucks oil from the oil tank and then presses the oil to convert the electric energy into the pressure energy of the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil is combined with the valve through the integrated block to realize the adjustment of direction, pressure and flow, and then transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder or motor through the external pipe. Thereby, the direction of the hydraulic machine, the size of the force and the speed of the speed are promoted, and various hydraulic machines are driven to perform work.

The oil cooler is generally installed on the oil return line, and the high-temperature hydraulic oil is cooled and then flows back to the oil tank to continue the circulation work to prevent the oil temperature from becoming too high and the mechanical work efficiency is lowered. Therefore, the cooler is the umbrella of the hydraulic system.