How is the fan of hydraulic air cooler blown?

The fan exhaust of the hydraulic air cooler is divided into suction type and blowing type. You can distinguish whether it is suction or blowing from the direction of the fan blade rotation of the air cooler. 

Hydraulic Air Cooler

Suction type: The fan blades rotate clockwise, and the wind goes outward from the air-cooled movement body, thereby taking away the heat of the core body. 

Blowing type: The wind blade rotates counterclockwise, and the wind blows towards the air-cooled movement body.


Which method is better?Suction or Blowing?

Maintenance: The dust of the air-cooled air-cooling machine is more accumulated on the outside of the core, which is conducive to the cleaning of the air-cooling machine.

Heat exchange effect: The suction type has greater utilization rate of wind, more concentrated air volume and faster heat dissipation. Therefore, Chance hydraulic air cooler adopts fan exhaust and suction type by default.