How does the oil cooler work?

Oil coolers are an important component in hydraulic systems and lubrication systems. Oil coolers are often divided into air-cooled oil coolers and water-cooled oil coolers. The two media with a certain temperature difference can be used for heat exchange to reduce the oil temperature! It is widely used in various industries such as plastic machinery, mining industry, automobile, steel industry, and aerospace industry!

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How does the oil cooler work?

When the oil cooler is used, the heat medium enters the nozzle on one side of the cylinder, enters each baffle passage in the order of entry, and then flows to the outlet of the nozzle in a meandering manner.

The cold medium enters the cooler tube from the one inlet to the other, and then flows from the return cover to the cooler tube on the other side. During the double tube flow, the residual heat from the absorption heat medium passes through. The nozzle is drained to keep the working medium at the rated operating temperature.

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