Engine lubrication system oil cooler

engine lubrication system oil cooler

In a high-performance, high-power, enhanced engine, an oil cooler must be installed due to the large thermal load. The oil cooler is placed in the lubricating oil circuit and works in the same way as the radiator.

Engine oil coolers are classified into air-cooled and water-cooled. The air-cooled oil cooler is much like a small radiator that cools the oil with the oncoming wind while driving. This oil cooler has a large heat dissipation capacity and is mostly used in racing cars and supercharged cars with heavy heat loads. However, the air-cooled oil cooler requires a long warm-up time after the engine is started to allow the oil to reach the normal operating temperature, so it is rarely used in ordinary cars.

The water-cooled oil cooler has a small size and convenient layout, and does not cause excessive cooling of the oil and stable temperature of the oil, so it is widely used in cars.