How to control the temperature rise of hydraulic metal balers?

offline cooling circuit

The hydraulic oil of the normal temperature hydraulic metal baler should be controlled to within 60 °C in the coming summer. With the rising temperature, the temperature of the hydraulic metal baler of the hydraulic oil will increase. When reaching 80 degrees or more, due to different coefficients of thermal expansion, the hydraulic components of the relative difference and the state of motion between the running components will produce an abnormal change in oil temperature. When the oil temperature exceeds 60 degrees, the viscosity of the oil will decrease, the amount of leakage will increase, and the sliding portion of the oil film will be broken, thereby increasing the wear of the hydraulic component, thereby accelerating the rate of temperature rise.

The temperature of the rising hydraulic oil is not only affected by the surrounding environment, but also has other causes. It is found that when the oil temperature of the hydraulic machine rises, the customer can find out the following reasons:

1,metal baler has poor heat dissipation

Too thick dirt deposited on the surface of the radiator can cause heat, poor ventilation, and cause the oil temperature of the hydraulic tank to be too high; the system with too low liquid level and circulating oil is not enough, which will lead to high temperature of the system.

2,hydraulic oil selection

The improper selection of hydraulic oil brands, especially viscosity index oils, directly threatens the normal operation of the hydraulic system. The viscosity range and viscosity of the hydraulic oil are as small as possible, so the choice of hydraulic oil should also be considered in specific regions and seasons; the oil labeling machine with clear regulations should be filled strictly in accordance with the provisions of the filled hydraulic oil. .

3,improper pressure adjustment of the metal baler

The system pressure relief valve is adjusted too high to perform normal overflow and pressure reduction, resulting in an increase in internal leakage and a rise in temperature.

4,hydraulic pump suction

The suction pump of the hydraulic pump mixes too much with the air in the oil to form a “cavitation phenomenon”, and under high hydraulic shock, it is accompanied by strong vibration and noise, which causes a rapid rise in temperature.

5,parts wear

Severe wear on hydraulic system components can cause the system to overheat. Many parts of the components in the system rely on the sealing gap. Once the hydraulic components wear, this will lead to an increase in the internal leakage, which will lead to an increase in temperature, a decrease in the viscosity of the oil, and finally an increase in the internal leakage, resulting in oil temperature. Further increase, forming a vicious circle.


In the process of energy transfer, if the leakage is serious, the volume loss of the system will increase, and the loss of energy will be converted into the high temperature heat energy of the system. If the element space is too small, the friction between the relative motions can also increase the temperature of the oil; and the gap is too large and leaks severely.

The temperature is too high to find the cause, and then the hydraulic oil of the metal baler can be cooled in a targeted manner. You can take the following measures:

1. Strengthen the regular inspection of hydraulic components, motors and pumps. If it is found to be damaged, replace it immediately. A good motor and oil pump can effectively reduce the temperature of the hydraulic oil.

2, properly reduce the working pressure of the hydraulic station system, to avoid overloading the equipment system with excessive pressure, so that the pump and valve group through the hydraulic oil can effectively reduce the friction and reduce the temperature.

3, increase the hydraulic oil cooler air cooling and water cooling, these two heat sinks are added to the metal baler tank, which can effectively reduce the high temperature of the hydraulic oil.