Construction Machinery Air Oil Cooler

construction machinery oil cooler

The construction machinery radiator is mainly composed of left water room, right water room, oil cooler, left main board, right main board, heat dissipation belt, heat dissipation pipe and drain valve. The left and right main boards, the heat dissipation belt and the cooling tube are welded to form a radiator core, and the left and right water chambers are injection molded parts, and are sealed by an O-ring between the radiator core and the radiator core, and the oil cooler is installed in the left water chamber, and the water discharge valve is installed. In the right water room.


The core component of the engineering machinery radiator is the heat dissipation belt. The diamond-shaped windowless reinforced heat-dissipating belt rolling tool made of special material is formed by rolling, and the heat dissipation belt has no window and ribs. The strength of the heat-dissipating belt will be greatly improved when the machine ensures the wind resistance of the heat-dissipating belt. The diamond-shaped heat-dissipating belt also greatly improves the welding force between the heat-dissipating belt and the heat-dissipating tube, and becomes difficult to break. More closely. Compared with the working technology of stamping, the efficiency of the hobbing is greatly improved, and far exceeds the stamping technology. The engineering radiator adopts the heat-insulating structure integrated with the diamond-shaped windowless ribbed heat-dissipating belt, but still maintains the good heat-dissipating performance of the ordinary aluminum alloy tube with the radiator, and also solves the problem that the aluminum tube belt has more dust and impurities. In this case, the heat dissipation tube of the heat pipe is extremely easy to block, and the heat dissipation performance is getting worse. The heat dissipation belt needs to be opened for window cleaning because of poor heat dissipation performance. High pressure water or compressed air will cause the heat dissipation belt to fall down and seriously damage the radiator.