Can the hydraulic system air cooler cool the water?

The plate-fin structure radiator of aluminum alloy material is usually the core heat exchange component of the hydraulic system air cooler. Chance products belong to this type, which is most suitable for all kinds of hydraulic oil, quenching oil, lubricating oil cooling. 

Q: I want to use it to cool water, can I?

A: Yes, the combined cooling of the construction machinery uses the radiator of the structure, which includes the cooling of the water tank.

Q: What are the requirements for water quality?

A: The pH of water is 7, which is neutral. Preferably, it is generally not allowed to exceed the range of 6.5 to 8.2. If tap water or well water is used, the area is weakly alkaline and the southern part is acidic. The materials of the radiator are slightly corrosive, but almost all users use it as usual, which means that it is feasible, but it is not recommended. Time use will affect the heat dissipation (scaling) and reduce the service life.

Cooling water is usually premised on domestic water, ground water, and industrial water. However, if you use untreated water sources such as rivers, lakes, and ponds, please be aware of the possibility of contamination.