How to arrange an air cooler to achieve the best working results?

How to design in the application of the cooler, the environment, installation location, ventilation and other issues need to be taken into account, the principles of the arrangement, the tips are not elaborated, let the cooler to play the best work, there are two The details must be noted.

Take an air cooler as an example:

1. The air cooler should be placed on the leeward side of the device's annual minimum frequency wind direction;

2. The air cooler should be placed above the main gallery, at the top of the frame or at the top of the tower;

Note: The air cooler should not be placed above the operating temperature equal to or above the material's self-ignition point and the transport and storage of liquefied hydrocarbon equipment. If it has to be placed in this position, it should be isolated and protected by a non-combustible material.

Multiple sets of air cooler layout rules:

1. When multiple sets of air coolers are arranged together, they should be arranged in the same form, and should be arranged in a row arrangement. One part of the horizontal arrangement should be avoided and the other part should be arranged in rows;

2. The distance between the two humidification air coolers or the frame columns of the dry and wet combined air coolers arranged side by side shall not be less than 3 m;

From the combination of a single chiller arrangement to multiple chillers, there are a few details to be noted. If you want the chiller to work well, it is necessary to create a good working environment.