Application of air oil cooler AH1470T-DC on mobile machinery(5D movies)


Equipment use requirements: 

Hydraulic system main power: 15Kw, 

PV2R12 double pump, 

The highest working environment temperature is 45 °C, used in walking vehicles, DC fan 24V, the hydraulic oil temperature is required to be controlled within 60 °C.


The hydraulic system of the machine is installed on the frame,when the air cooler is selected, the space size is limited, and the current of  DC fan motor cannot be too large, but the air volume is required to be large, otherwise the heat dissipation effect is affected.


The solution for the air oil cooler provided by CHANCE Hydraulics after calculation: 

Recommend model AH1470 (CK) (heat dissipation area 7.5m2, air volume 1800m3/h when the static pressure of the fan is 50pa), current 10A, using the oil return cooling method. After the heat balance, the actual temperature rise is 20 °C, and the oil temperature is controlled below 60 °C for a long time.