How to choose an air oil cooler instead of water oil cooler?

Due to the equipment is on the floor and it is not convenient to install water cooling,we need to change an air oil cooler instead of the water cooled oil cooler.

The equipment parameters are as following:

Motor power:4KW, 

Flow of the double vane pump:100L/min, 

Diameter of the single-out rod hydraulic cylinder:140mm, 

Diameter of the piston rod:90mm.

The characteristic of this equipment is that the system power is small, and the air oil cooler should be selected according to the flow rate, and the bypass unloading circuit should be installed. 

The return oil flow is calculated to be 100*1.7=255 (L/min). We recommend oil cooler HD1492T. The model is suitable for systems with flow below 250L/min.


The water oil cooler is different from the air-cooled cooling method. It cannot be calculated according to the main parameters of the system: main motor power, pump flow rate, oil cylinder, piston rod diameter, etc., and the air cooler is selected in combination with the cooling method.

Water oil cooler

Water oil cooler

Air oil cooler

Air oil cooler