Advantages of plate-fin heat exchangers

Hydraulic oil radiator unit (plate-fin heat exchanger)

(1) Good economy: Due to its compact structure and small size, it is made of aluminum alloy, which is light in weight and low in manufacturing cost.

(2) The heat transfer efficiency is high, and the boundary layer is continuously broken due to the disturbance of the fluid by the fin, so that the heat transfer coefficient is large; and since the separator and the fin are thin and have high thermal conductivity, the plate fin type is made. The heat exchanger can achieve high efficiency.

(3) Compact, since the plate-fin heat exchanger has an extended secondary surface, its specific surface area can reach 1000 m2/m3.

(5) Lightweight, the reason is compact and mostly made of aluminum alloy, and now steel, copper, composite materials, etc. have also been mass-produced.

(6) The adaptability is strong, and the plate-fin heat exchanger can be applied to: heat exchange between gas-gas, gas-liquid, liquid-liquid, various fluids, and phase change heat of occurrence of collective change. Through the arrangement and combination of the flow channels, it can be adapted to: different heat exchange conditions such as countercurrent, crossflow, multi-stream, multi-stream. Through the combination of series, parallel, series and parallel between units, the heat exchange needs of large equipment can be met. Industrially, it can be shaped and mass-produced to reduce costs, and the interchangeability can be expanded by building blocks.